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Dizeez is a multiple choice quiz where the player is presented with a disease (the “Clue”) and a multiple-choice selector with five genes, only one of which has prior evidence linking it to the Clue disease. We used a set of 3,439 candidate gene-disease links mined from the Gene Wiki as the input data set for the Dizeez game. The game randomly selects one of these links, and hides the disease among four randomly chosen diseases. If the player correctly guesses the known disease from the list of five possible diseases, they receive points. Regardless, all player answers are logged by the system as gene-disease “assertions”. Players are challenged to accumulate as many points as possible in a one-minute round.

To match game players to genes about which they are likely to have first-hand knowledge, Dizeez allows players to select a specific disease area (e.g., cancer, metabolism, immunology) or a specific protein family (kinases, proteases, GPCRs). At the end of each round, players can review a recap of all questions that shows supporting evidence (based on text extracted from the Gene Wiki and GeneRIFs) for each gene-disease association recorded in a game. Users can review the game log and even suggest new evidence for gene-disease associations.

Every player Guess in the game can be interpreted as an assertion of a putative gene association between the Clue (gene) and the Guesses (diseases). Candidate annotations that are independently reported across multiple players will obtain the highest confidence scores, according to the value of independent replication.

(Description provided by developer)

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