Mission Biotech
Deals with biology // disease
  viruses // biotechnology // nucleic acids // PCR // reverse transcriptions
Intended for high school
Available on Windows
Cost free
Developed by College of Education, University of Florida (external) (academic developer)
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Mission Biotech

Welcome to Mission Biotech! Mission Biotech is an immersive, computer-based game that offers players opportunities to solve challenging problems through the application of biotechnology. Mission Biotech has been designed as a part of the OUTBREAK project funded by the National Science Foundation. The project intends to engage players in an interesting, conceptually-rich, and fun virtual environment that supports science learning and exposure to careers in biotechnology.

The Game Mission Biotech (MBt) is a first person adventure game that uses 3-D graphics and contemporary gaming principles to create a virtual world in which players solve challenging problems through the application of biotechnology.

Work for the NLBB Mission Biotech takes place within the virtual space of The National Laboratory for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (NLBB). Players assume a position as a biotechnologist in the NLBB. Their first mission involves diagnosis of a deadly virus spreading throughout the city with potential to develop into a pandemic.

As players progress through the game, they will have opportunities to explore resources that will help them successfully complete missions, gain access to and play "mini-games" designed to support fundamental understandings of underlying science content, and use simulated biotechnology techniques.

Work as a Scientist! In the first mission, players will extract nucleic acids from patient samples, conduct real-time PCR (polymerase chain reactions), run reverse transcriptions, and analyze results. Along the way, players will unlock hidden resources, interact with characters within the virtual space, collect tools and equipment, and earn game rewards in the form of points and badges. When players complete their mission, they will have saved the city from the outbreak of a killer virus.

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Player Reviews

fun with science

June 7, 2014

Kiran Nivedh

not a perfect title but this game makes the concept clear and a virtual hands on training. hats off to the designers and their team.

i am student of bi

Fun rating: 4 out of 5

Learning rating: 4 out of 5

Science rating: 4 out of 5


12 / 15

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