Deals with biology // careers in science // disease // drugs // experimental design // experimental methods
  inhalants, club drugs, opioids, neuroscience, substance abuse, neurobiology
Intended for middle and high school science classes // community college classes // general public
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Developed by Rice University, Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning (external) (academic developer)
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Reconstructors is a game series in which students learn about the health effects of drugs of abuse and the underlying neuroscience. The series consists of three independent web adventures:

  • Uncommon Scents: Students investigate a chemical accident and learn about the health effects of exposure to toxic chemicals. They will discover that many common household products contain toxic chemicals, learn how inhaling these product can severely damage the nervous system and other parts of the body, and find ways to protect themselves from exposure to toxic vapors.
  • Nothing To Rave About: Students are asked to uncover why there has been a dramatic increase in the number of teens admitted to the emergency room after partying at a local dance club. During their investigation, they learn how ecstasy and other club drugs act on the nervous system.
  • A Plaguing Problem: Students need to reconstruct lost knowledge about pain relieving drugs. They learn about concepts such as neurotransmission, the neurobiology and history underlying drug addiction, pain management, and analgesia.

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