Immune Defense
Deals with biology // body systems // cells // disease
  phagocytes // antibodies // pathogens // bacteria // viruses // parasites // T-cells // B-cells // white blood cells // proteins
Intended for middle school // high school
Available on Web // Android // iOS // Windows // Mac
Cost free
Developed by Molecular Jig Games (external) (professional developer)
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Immune Defense

A two-dimensional strategy game in which various kinds of white blood cells can be bought and deployed in the war against 15 viral and bacterial pathogens. Players must use the right combination of cells for each combination of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Players also regulate the type of proteins that appear on each cell’s surface and spend points to buy cells, to move/drag cytokines and to activate white blood cells.

The player will see real data images of the cells and molecules presented in the game. The player will also be given their own online handbook of links to sites like Leica Microscope’s education page, PLoS and The Cell: An Image Library-CCDB. Curious students can thus satisfy their quest for further information. Because links are presented in context of the game, this advanced information is meaningful to players.

Learning Objectives:

  • Specificity of interactions between protein signals and protein receptors
  • Specific function of cells depends on their unique complement of proteins
  • Cells respond to their environment only through receptors
  • Structure and function of biologically relevant molecules and proteins
  • Introduction to online databases and resources
  • Introduction to nanotechnology

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