Recruiting Scientists for Science Game Jam 2023.

October 16, 2022
Topics: science, education, game development, playing, #SGJ2023

Jam 2022 logo Register here: Science Game Jam Sign Up If you are a scientist and would like to serve as a game development team member for a game about your area of expertise, please register (above) and we will talk.   The jam is 9 days or possibly 15 or 30 days, during which you and a team of volunteer programmers, artists, designers, music/sound/FX creators will work in their spare hours on a prototype game with you.  Our plan: Recruit 10-15 scienti... Keep reading

Video Games Are for Science Dissemination

November 6, 2022
Topics: Science Dissemination, Citizen Science, Video Games

This post is by Rafael Bisso-Machado, Ph.D. who is a scientist, studying Human population genetics in Brazil.  He works at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, which is the State University of a state called Rio Grande Do Sul in the southern part of Brazil. You can find it on the map here. Dr. Bisso-Machado is also a video game player and he is planning to participate in our Science Game Jam, coming up in 2023.   Introduction: What is S... Keep reading

Microscopya – A New Game Exploring the Beauty of the Molecular World

July 11, 2022
Topics: playing

Microscopya cover web Microscopya shares the fascinating world inside our cells to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders Beata Science Art is offering a fresh take on science communication by announcing the release of Microscopya on July 8, 2022. Taking the player on a fantastical journey through the inside of the cell, Microscopya aims to spark curiosity and excitement about science while bringing awareness to careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineer... Keep reading

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