DNA Damage
Deals with biology // chemistry // molecular science
  Base Pairing, Mutations
Intended for middle school // high school
Available on iOS
Cost free
Developed by ASBMB (external) (academic developer)
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DNA Damage

Link nucleotides to repair DNA! Pair the correct nucleotides (gray) with the proper bases on the moving DNA strands. To move to the next level, connect as many of the proper pairs as possible. You will cause mutations if you make incorrect pairs or allow unpaired bases to escape off the right side of your screen! If your mutation rate is too high, you cannot move to the next level.

Produced by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). ASBMB is a nonprofit scientific and educational organization with over 12,000 members. If you do research in biochemistry or molecular biology, you belong with us! Learn more about becoming a member of ASBMB at www.asbmb.org!

This description provided by the developer.

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