ALICE The Experience
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  Economics, Finance, Personal Finance
Intended for elementary school // middle school // high school // university
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Developed by United Way of Pennsylvania (external)
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ALICE The Experience

Manage the personal finances of 8 different households across the state of Pennsylvania, USA. This speedy, time and money management experience is designed for anyone. The numbers and events are all from the real life data collected by United Way of Pennsylvania.

The Science Game Center is bringing attention to ALICE:The Experience this month for two reasons:
April is Financial Literacy month. Additionally, many people around the world, not just in Pennsylvania, are experiencing financial hardships because they lost their jobs because of the Pandemic virus Covid-19. The staff of United Way of Pennsylvania would like to have added more stories to the Experience, but the United Way is working so hard to help real life people with their many problems, that they have no time to update this digital Experience. So, while you try the Experience and struggle to stay out of debt, image to yourself whether the Experience would be more or less difficult during a pandemic.

ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. United Way of Pennsylvania launched a statewide data project, ALICE, which provides a comprehensive measure of financial hardship across our state. The ALICE report tells the story of our community members who are going to work but are still struggling to survive, through a standardized methodology that assesses the cost of living in every county. ALICE is our neighbors, friends and family who may earn more than the official Federal Poverty Level, but still cannot afford the basic necessities for their family. ALICE lives in every county in Pennsylvania. Equipped with this data, the Pennsylvania network of United Ways will convene, advocate and innovate in our local communities to highlight the issues faced by ALICE households, and to generate solutions which help them on their path to financial stability.

If you need help due to Covid19 in Pennsylvania click HERE or you can text PACOVID to 898-211 on your cell phone.

To find a local United Way worldwide.

Screenshots of ALICE The Experience

There are 8 avatars to choose from, based on real data collected by the United Way of Pennsylvania.  Each household has a unique situation. Keep your bank account from reaching $0 and try to keep your Happiness above 0%.  Happiness comes... ...and happiness goes! Compare your results with your friends.   Tweet about them with #LIVEUNITED.


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