Bond Breaker
Deals with chemistry // physics
  Molecular Bonds // Atoms // Electricity // Lasers // Energy Levels
Intended for middle school
Available on Web // Android // iOS
Cost free
Developed by TestTubeGames (external)
Website at (external)
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Bond Breaker

Pit yourself against atomic physics in Bond Breaker, a puzzle game based on real nano-scale science.

You start this game in the smallest way possible - as a single proton. You don’t even have an atom to call your own. Learn what it takes to be a proton, experience subatomic forces, and with luck and determination, grow into a molecule.

The game was created as a collaboration between TestTubeGames and scientists at the NSF-funded Center for Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit (CaSTL) at UC Irvine. When you make and break molecular bonds, you’ll encounter real forces and real physics. You won’t just be learning how to beat challenging puzzles, you’ll truly be gaining a new understanding of the atomic world.

Screenshots of Bond Breaker

You ( the proton) trying to maneuver around other protons to get to the star. A whole bunch of H2 molecules that you need to use to solve a puzzle.


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