Bone Wars
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Bone Wars

Bone Wars is a card game that combines history and biology as players match bone types and skeleton structures to build their own dinosaurs. In Bone Wars, players take on the role of paleontologists during the great "Dinosaur Rush" of the late 19th Century. Players encounter similar events as they work to protect their discoveries.

Bone Wars helps students understand bone structure and anatomy of dinosaurs. Players piece together matching bone types for the head, limbs and vertebrae of each dinosaur. The paleontologist that can do this the best wins!

Each BONE WARS set contains 4 Paleontologist cards, 33 dinosaur bone cards, and 71 Event cards. Each card features color illustrations by artist Bryant P. Johnson.

BONE WARS was created by biologists Diane A. Kelly and game designer James L. Cambias.

Retail price $19.95 ISBN 0-9770419-0-5 Stock Number 010501

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