Challenge and Persuade
Deals with biodiversity // biology // chemistry
  geosciences//technology//strategy and decision-making//issues at the nexus of climate, energy, and water
Intended for high school // university
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Challenge and Persuade

Challenge and Persuade is a game of argument!

In this game, players develop arguments and challenge each others’ ideas. A Judge decides the winning argument! The cards provide easy-to-read facts for any level player to construct an argument around topics at the nexus of energy, water, and climate. Challenge and Persuade is a fun and social card game that challenges players to think about the choices we have in balancing our need for water and energy with the challenge of minimizing climate change.


Through play, this game teaches fundamental knowledge about our environment, challenges players’ understanding of facts, and guides players to construct solid and convincing arguments. Challenge and Persuade teaches concepts and strengthens communication strategies required to engage in scientific discussions concerning our world today. Developed with a team of experienced scientists, gamers, and educators, Challenge and Persuade is aligned to national science standards and may be used in a variety of science, government and policy courses. Visit the For Educators page to learn more about Challenge and Persuade as a teaching tool.


This game, developed with teenagers and adults in mind, is engaging and stimulating for a wide range of ages.The game can quickly turn into a lively discussion involving current topics on water, energy, and climate.


Challenge and Persuade is an intensely interactive game in which players either act as Presenter or Judge. The presenters draw fact cards and construct convincing arguments to present to the judge. While the judge decides which argument is strongest, any player may challenge an argument!

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