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Aurora needs to learn MAGIC to rescue her Dad, but Magic in Aurora's world is a lot like PROGRAMMING in ours. Players learn to code as they travel through an enchanted world.

Codemancer is designed for 6-12 year-olds, but can be fun for grownups, too!

CODEMANCER SPECIFICALLY TEACHES: • Sequential Algorithms • Debugging • Function Arguments • Scope • Looping Constructs • Concurrent Programming

...AND TEACHES IN GENERAL: • Computational Thinking • Planning • Problem Solving • Resilience

FEATURES: • Fully voice-acted, so reading is optional • All text is in the Open Dyslexic font • Uses pips instead of numerals, and no numbers > 5, so no math experience is needed • Gender-inclusive fantasy storyline • Hexagonal grid world, so distances and directions are easy to estimate • Tap-based interface and no reflex-based gameplay means kids with dexterity issues can play

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