Gut Check: The Microbiome Game
Deals with biology // disease
  Microbiology, antibiotic resistance, lateral gene transfer, fecal transplants, pathogens, beneficial microbes
Intended for high school // university
Available on Tabletop
Cost paid // free
Developed by David Coil, Ph.D. at UC Davis, Funding provided by MoBio (external)
Website at (external)
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Gut Check: The Microbiome Game

Gut Check is a scientific, strategic and competitive board game designed to be enjoyable for scientists, students and game enthusiasts alike. The game consists of several card types, including beneficial, opportunistic and pathogenic microbes, infections and events. Cards can be played on oneself or an opponent and have various consequences to the well-being of the microbiome ranging from advantageous to lethal. Gut Checks occur randomly throughout the game, sending competitors hurtling up or down the intestinal tract as they gain or lose health. Players can take advantage of pathogen and infection cards, antibiotics, and even fecal transplants to improve their own condition or disrupt the microbiome of an opponent, making for a lively completion that is fun for lab mates, classmates, and families.

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