Julia: A Science Journey
Deals with biology // careers in science // disease // history // science
  scientific literacy, COVID-19 pandemic, global emergencies, critical thinking
Intended for high school // university
Available on Windows // Mac
Cost free
Developed by Murphy's Toast Games (external)
Website at https://www.murphystoastgames.com/sheet.php?p=julia_a_science_journey (external)
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Julia: A Science Journey

Summary Julia: a Science Journey is an adventure about viruses, society, and life choices. The story begins in 2020 as our main character lives a humdrum teenage life while she deals with high school, her family and her friends. Will you help Julia navigate through the complexities of adult life while the COVID-19 pandemic changes her world forever?

The game Julia: ASJ follows an episodic structure and the first chapter was published in November, 2022. It is freely available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Game contents and mechanics were carefully co-created with high school teachers and students to cover topics and mechanics that can be used at the classroom while integrating content from a diversity of subject areas (e.g. biology, history, philosophy).

Features • Experience the first episode of a story-rich tale of personal growth amidst the covid-19 pandemic • Contribute to a citizen science project • Play mechanics inspired by everyday challenges: detect fake news, deal with teachers, bike faster! • Face adulthood by surviving high school while preserving your mental health


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