Org Chem Adventure
Deals with chemistry // molecular science
  Organic Chemistry (introductory)
Intended for high school // university
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Org Chem Adventure

Organic chemistry can be fun!

No, not the type of fun you get from solving a problem you thought was impossible to solve, that’s the boring type of fun. What we are talking about is real enjoyment, the type you get out of playing your favorite video game.

Join Ren on an adventure to the land of organic chemistry in this interactive fiction game book. Here, the plants, the people, the buildings, the creatures (Monsters!?) are all drenched in organic chemistry, ready to teach you something about it.

The game can be enjoyed by people with all levels of proficiency at organic chemistry.

Our Aim Organic Chemistry as taught in some parts of the world has little to no meaning of its own, deprived of the laboratory pretext the subject actually carries with it. Most students find this lack of context appalling and are forced to either create some meaningful context of their own or proceed with rote memorization without it. This game was developed with such students in mind, hoping to provide them with a mnemonic base to build upon.

Concepts Presented: Nomenclature, free radical reactions, acidic strength, Elimination Reactions


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