Parasites Unleashed!
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Parasites Unleashed!

The nematode worm Neoaplectana crawls inside an insect host, kills it with poisonous bacteria, and eats its way out again.

Become one of life's ultimate insiders! In PARASITES UNLEASHED! you control a wily parasite, racing to complete your life cycle, mate, and lay eggs before your opponents. Do all the entertainingly gross things real parasites do -- bore into vital organs, hide inside a blood cell, hitch a ride inside a mosquito, even take over your host's brain! But beware, because your enemies can add stages to your life cycle, and zap you with medicine!

Hairworms (Spinochordodes tellinii) infect grasshoppers, but need to be in open water to mate. So when the time is right, they make their hosts drown themselves.

PARASITES UNLEASHED! is a simple and fast-paced non-collectible card game for 2-4 players ages 8 and up. Gameplay is simple enough foryounger players, but more sophisticated gamers can discover subtle strategies. Each set contains 55 cards with entertainingly gross information about real parasites and blackly comic illustrations by artist Fred Zinn.

PARASITES UNLEASHED! was created by our team of biologist Diane A. Kelly and game designer James L. Cambias.

Retail price $9.95 ISBN 0-9770419-2-1 Stock Number 020601

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