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  animal habitats // food chains // natural order // information retention // product design
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Phylomon is an online initiative aimed at creating a Pokemon card type resource but with real creatures on display. The intent is to boost knowledge and awareness of the many different species of animals and habitats present in the world. The game is played in a similar fashion to the popular card game. However, cards contain animal information players use to "battle" with the other players.

Phylomon can be used to introduce elementary students to the world of fauna. Middle and high school students can play a more advanced version utilizing the animal's characteristics and environment. This includes the animal's natural home, diet and where it falls on the food chain.

The website will act as a hub, where people can get the cards and share information with each other. Students can design and create specific "card sets" that are specific to their classroom. In the forum, teachers can share results about the efficacy of the game and their experiences, designers can submit artwork for new animal cards, and general discussions about science can take place.

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