Phys 2
Deals with physics
  Dynamics - Free body diagrams, Net Force equation creation, solving for unknowns. Newton's 2nd Law, Gravity, Normal Force, Friction, Angles
Intended for high school // university
Available on Android // iOS // Windows // Mac
Cost free
Developed by Osmosis Games (external)
Website at (external)
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Phys 2

Phys 2 brings dynamics and free body diagrams to a nearby galaxy only slightly in the future.

Experience challenging worlds and solve puzzles in order to unlock abilities and space gear.

Current worlds:

1) Froth - a low friction ice planet that introduces net forces.

2) Bespent - experience gravity, normal force, jet packs, and crazy winds that make vertical motion exhilarating.

3) Mustaclose - friction and contact forces lurk around every corner.

4) Kamiyes - a planet full of intellectual culture and odd angles.

Standards we cover are listed in this Google Doc

Video of Phys 2


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