Deals with fitness // game development // plants
  Mindfulness, Meditation, Awareness
Intended for high school // university
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Developed by Krish Shrikumar : (external)
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Primarily for entertainment: This game is not intended to teach, but rather to simply raise awareness and interest in a scientific concept.

Playne helps users build a consistent habit of mindfulness, which we intend to help users to reduce stress, increase well-being and promotes personal growth. The game world grows and transforms as users build their positive habits. We have included different meditation sceneries with unique sound ambiance and the user can choose weather conditions and create custom sound ambiances. Explore the Story of Playne, written by a BAFTA nominated film-maker. Experience the many benefits of mindfulness. And please share your experiences here

SGC Note: This game is marked as primarily for entertainment. The game is not designed to teach users physiology but it is designed to make users aware of concepts such as heart rate and the effect of hormones, environment and state of mind on our physical bodies. This game will certainly spark conversations and thoughts about many concepts students --and all of us-- should know more about. What are these hormones doing exactly? Perhaps you, dear reader or dear reviewer, have played this game and would tell us what you think?

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