RePlay Health
Deals with biology // body systems
  Health // Healthcare // Science // Economics
Intended for high school // university
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RePlay Health

A role-playing sport that allows 10 players to experiment with the U.S. health system–how it works and how can it be fixed!

RePlay Health is a role-playing sport where players must balance performing physical activities to score points with trying to monitor and improve their character's health. The game takes less than an hour to play, and it fosters player empathy and understanding for the many major decision points in the healthcare system.

During the game, your health is taking a turn for the worse. You must decide: do you want to take time off from work (and lose the opportunity to score points) in order to better your health now? Or should you push your luck and hope it doesn’t get worse? Maybe things wouldn’t have gotten as bad if you had quit smoking and taken your medication like you were supposed to, but it’s too late for that! Players quickly learn that the system is flawed, and in between rounds it’s their job to improve it.

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