Deals with biology // botany // history // plants
  exploration // discovery // creativity // skill-testing // knowlege
Intended for elementary school // middle school // high school // university
Available on Windows // Mac
Cost free
Developed by Sunfleck Software (external)
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You're in a distant future in a distant galaxy. A race of aliens has cooperated with Earthlings to explore the galaxies and document all forms of life for preservation, just in case their home worlds are destroyed. It's called the Solarium Initiative. The DNA is taken to an intergalactic botanical study center where each environment is painstakingly reconstructed. You are a botanist-in-training from earth, and you must visit the Earth environments to learn about their plants before setting out on an actual expedition. Answer skill-testing questions, earn points, overcome challenges, and then build your own custom garden of beautiful and strange plants!

There are currently no educational games about plants and botany quite like Solarium. It was designed to be fun, educational, and to provide a creative outlet for the player. It raises awareness of the importance of plants in our world through a unique futuristic game environment.

Concepts: exploration and inquiry from a scientific perspective as well as creative expression in science


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