Thirst for Power
Deals with biodiversity // biology // chemistry
  geosciences//technology//strategy and decision-making//issues at the nexus of climate, energy, and water
Intended for high school // university
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Thirst for Power

The Game of Strategy!

Thirst for Power from Nexus Games is a strategy and resource management game in which players are governors of regions and compete to be the first to provide for their citizens' energy needs.

The objective is to be the first player to meet the region's energy goal without exceeding its environmental impact limit. In the game, you will find that energy production, water consumption, and climate change are tightly intertwined. We call this the Nexus of Energy, Water, and Climate. This nexus makes it hard to get what you want and requires making trade-offs to win. Learn about this nexus here.

As governor, you will accumulate energy sources to provide for the transportation and electricity needs of your citizens. You will have a wide range of energy sources to choose from, both hydrocarbon-based and renewable. But, watch out! Every kind of energy source requires water and has an environmental impact on climate, land, water or living things. You will have limited water resources and a cap on your environmental impact, making it challenging to reach your energy goal. Energy sources like coal and oil will produce a lot of energy, but also use up a lot of water and have a big environmental impact. Renewable sources use less water and have lower environmental impact, but generate much less energy.

ACTION cards (TECHNOLOGY, POLICY, AND CLIMATE IMPACT) bring in real-world developments that change the course of the game and force players to quickly adapt their strategy. Buying technology gives you an advantage, while implementing policies can set your opponent back, and climate impacts wreak havoc on everyone. Strategy is critical along with negotiating trades throughout the game. Getting the right mix of energy sources and technology boosts for your region can be easier with negotiations and trades than taking your chances drawing from the deck.

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