Tyto Ecology: Build & Create Your Own Ecosystem
Deals with biology // ecology // zoology
Intended for middle school // high school
Available on iOS
Cost free
Developed by Immersed Games (external)
Website at https://www.tytoonline.com/tyto_ecology (external)
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Tyto Ecology: Build & Create Your Own Ecosystem

In Tyto Ecology, you have the power to create your own biodome and fill it with life!

Start with an empty biodome as your canvas, then create a rich, diverse ecosystem by balancing producers, consumers, and decomposers. You’re in control.

Become a master of the environment as you work to create a functioning ecosystem from the ground up, problem solving to learn life science principles. Tyto Ecology, an ecology simulation game, teaches Next Generation Science Standards to learners in a fun and innovative way!

Features: * Build and create your own self-sustaining ecosystem * 30+ animals and plants to customize your first biodome (70+ including expansion packs!) * Use the data tool to monitor your ecosystem’s ability to thrive * Earn achievements by completing ecological challenges * Sandbox game with hours of replayability * Use Photo Mode to capture the perfect moment * Educational gameplay that fits with Middle and High School Next Generation Science Standards * Available for free, with Rainforest and Grassland domes available for purchase, each featuring a new set of plants and animals

A NOTE FOR PARENTS: Tyto Ecology is free to download and play, but expansions are available for $1.99 each to add new biomes. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.


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