A review of Cell to Singularity

Not So Much

June 24, 2019



Not Recommended

Just a basic idle clicker with some nice graphics. Each thing "researched" has a little bit-size blurb or factoid; that's about all the science in this game. Dependencies among evolutionary steps are speculative, simplistic, wrong, or just omitted.

I'm not so much annoyed about the bad science itself in Cells. I'm angry that it's being rewarded for doing so little.

Fun rating: 2 out of 5

Learning rating: 1 out of 5

Science rating: 2 out of 5


5 / 15

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firewolfdog on October 19, 2019 10:47 said

It’s a clicker game. What did you expect. If you don’t like those, don’t play those

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