A review of Immune Attack

Reminds me of innerspace

September 13, 2012


Overall it was fun, point and shoot. I didn't get too far, but here's what I thought:

  • Add subtitles by default. I actually don't know if they exist but I didn't find an option after looking. I really emphasize this for those who are hard of hearing and for those who can't play with headphones.
  • The farthest I got (which wasn't terribly far I'm guessing) involved hunting down some green foreign invaders and leading the macrophage to gobble them. This quickly became more like a chore than actual fun because the invaders were so small. I like exploring every corner of my house when I'm dusting because I'm a clean freak. When I'm playing a game, I'm looking to escape that work. A radar for that section might have helped?
  • The beauty is in how you can select anything and learn about it. It makes you instantly curious about every thing that looks different. Why is that glowing? Why is that blue? That alone encourages learning extremely well.

Rating explanations: - Fun 4: If not for the chore like fashion of finding the green foreign bodies, this would be 5. - Learning 5: I definitely learned a lot and it's great because you are teaching, which means you have to learn. - Science 5: But I am assuming because I was learning. :D

Fun rating: 4 out of 5

Learning rating: 5 out of 5

Science rating: 5 out of 5


14 / 15

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Randa Wanli on February 05, 2014 09:52 said

I like it very much

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