A review of Auditorium

A stylish non-learning game

August 25, 2014

Bo Paivinen Ullersted

So I tried out Auditorium, expecting it to reflect the physical nature of sound waves. But I was wrong about that. The game play out in a stylish world where a stream of particles are bended by directional arrows set up by the player. The stream needs to be directed such that a target is hit, displayed as a volume indicator.

If you know something about sound waves, you will realise they do not act that way. A sound wave is reflected from obstacles, it spreads out and it interferes with other sound waves. None of this have anything to do with the bending featured as the main gameplay. So I would not call this a learning game at all.

Seen as an entertainment game only, Auditorium is okay. It is well-polished with nice stylish graphics and a good integration of the sound effects. In fact the way that the particle trail produce visuals and sound is so stylish that it might be considered an art game rather than a science game. I did not really get caught up in the puzzle-solving, but that might have been due to my disappointment with the lack of scientific accuracy.

A disclaimer is that I did not complete the game, so there might be features appearing in later stages that could be scientifically relevant.

Try it out just to admire the style, but don't expect it to be a learning game.

Fun rating: 3 out of 5

Learning rating: 1 out of 5

Science rating: 1 out of 5


5 / 15

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