Happy Match
Deals with biodiversity // biology // plants
  ecology // classification // insects // animals
Intended for high school // university
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Developed by Citizen Sort (external)
Website at http://www.citizensort.org/web.php/happymatch (external)
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Happy Match

Are you a classifying genius?

Are you a keen observer of all things nature? Then Happy Match is the game for you! In this twist on the on the classic quiz game, players participate in scientific research by classifying photos of animal, plant and insect species.

There are different versions of Happy Match for all kinds of species. Score points at the end of each game to compete with friends and see who makes the best citizen scientist.

About Happy Match

Scientists designed the questions in Happy Match based on information they want to know. By classifying the photos, you'll these help scientists as they study the natural world.

There are many different versions of Happy Match! for you to play. Each version deals with different plants, animals, or insects. Some games are challenging, while others are easier. Have a look to see which game is the most fun for you!

Please Note: Some games of Happy Match include photos of preserved (deceased) lab specimens.

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