Deals with biology // body systems // cells
  Immunology, protein
Intended for university
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ImmuneQuest is an innovative educational game for college students that brings immunology to life. Designed to augment an educator’s existing curriculum, ImmuneQuest allows students to build and control a virtual immune system to defend their human host from increasingly cunning microbes.

Immunology is complex, and daunting to learn. For many, the way in which the immune system responds as an interconnected whole is simply lost among the vast array of detail that must be internalized. ImmuneQuest augments traditional learning by focusing the student's attention on this elegant, interconnected whole, through fun, fast-paced experiential learning. In ImmuneQuest, students control a growing repertoire of interrelated immune actions as they build and master their virtual immune system.

ImmuneQuest utilizes advanced 3D game technology to enable students to experience how the immune system works. Learning concepts are distilled into actions, feedback, and measurable metrics. While the immune characters are game-like, their interconnected immunological actions – all under the control of students – become increasingly more sophisticated to match the evolving abilities of microbial invaders. Students learn by doing.

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