Sci-Ops: Global Defense
Deals with chemistry // physics // science
  Chemistry, real-world applications and uses of that chemistry, and career and educational pathways relating to the same
Intended for middle school // high school // university
Available on Web // Windows // Mac
Cost paid
Developed by Plasma Games (external) (professional developer)
Website at Visit game website (external)
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Sci-Ops: Global Defense

Sci-Ops: Global Defense is a turn-based strategy game for Chemistry and Physical Science classes.

You take the role of Nikole and a team of scientists who fight to defend the Earth from an invading alien race known as "The Hive". Within the game, all of your actions are action-reaction pairings from chemistry, all of the gear you collect and upgrade embodies real-world applications of those concepts, and all of the bystanders you rescue are scientists and engineers who explain how they use those concepts in their careers, etc.

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