Soon-to-be college graduate: UG in chemistry and forensics

Throughout the game there's little energy diagram-type things that are your gauge for knowing whether or not you'll defeat the enemy. I'm so used to looking at things like that by this point, I don't think much of them. While I was playing, however, my partner leaned over and asked me what they were and what they meant. It was a nice little teaching moment, and they only looked over briefly. Overall, the game is very fun, challenging too (I may have had to turn down the difficulty for the last level...). Every action in the game is based on various chemistry and physics topics. Heat capacity, phase changes and metal properties all play a huge role in nearly every move of the game, without being obviously educational. The upgrades and gadgets all have real-life applications behind them and explain the science of how they work. Every person you rescue also has a science background that is explained through their work, education/experience and personal motives- very interesting details to put in. All of the education/experience sections were linked to real places too! So if you enjoyed a certain character, you could explore how to get into that field straight from the game. While I was playing the game I didn't think much about the chemistry and physics involved in it, but as soon as I started reflecting I realize it has a pretty fine basis for being so fun. Of course it could be ~more~ subject heavy, but then it would run the risk of not being as appealing. This is a game that everyone around me was interested in while I was playing, asking what I was doing, what something meant, or trying to help me plan my attacks. It's also not a quick play through. It took me a few hours to even get through the first zone. Definitely a fun game that still provides a fair amount of information about chemistry and physics.

Fun rating: 4 out of 5

Learning rating: 4 out of 5

Science rating: 5 out of 5


12 / 15

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