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A review of Immune Defense

Yersinia Pestis

Yersinia Pestis

I will start this review off by stating that the last time I played this game was about a year ago (give or take). I think I played it around the time Covid19 started spreading throughout the world, and everyone was talking about vaccines and all that, and it made me curious - why exactly do we need vaccines? What is a virus, what is the difference between it, a bactera, protozoa and so on, and how does the body go about fighting it?

So I watched a few YouTube videos and searched ENDLESSLY for an immune system game so I could better comprehend how it works, and ended up running into this game. I was immediately hooked! I remember learning how cells actually moved, how white blood cells have a bunch of different receptors around them, which help differentiate self from 'other' and also helps differentiate different types of 'other'. I learned how inflamation plays an important role in the immune system and how it can also be dangerous for your body as a whole, how Neutrophils can only fight for so long before they have to go kamikaze on the enemies, I learned so many things!

So I will be eternally grateful for this game, it sparked my interest in the immune system and I have since watched AS MANY YouTube videos as I could on the subject (whether they were intended for medicine students or not), I even bought a book on it.

So, if you're at all curious how your body fights infections, this is definitely a good place to start - 10/10 would recommend and will play again!

EDIT: Rated 4 on fun because I got stuck on a level and never really got to play with other cells aside from Neutrophils and Macrophages, and it sounded like I should have been able to, I ran into some complications trying to unlock that,but perhaps it's related to the fact I got stuck on a level? Unsure, will leave an update next time I play it.

Fun rating: 4 out of 5

Learning rating: 5 out of 5

Science rating: 5 out of 5


14 / 15

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