Immune Defense
Deals with biology // body systems // cells // disease
  phagocytes // antibodies // pathogens // bacteria // viruses // parasites // T-cells // B-cells // white blood cells // proteins
Intended for middle school // high school // university
Available on Windows // Mac
Cost free
Developed by Molecular Jig Games (external) (professional developer)
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Immune Defense

A two-dimensional real time strategy game in which the player commands the immune system at the molecular level.

The demo version of Immune Defense is available for "Pay what you want" at Immune Defense is designed based on our research with the game Immune Attack that showed lots of learning and gains of confidence. You can read more of our research at

Players learn practical molecular cell biology by using cells, signals and receptors as tools:

  • 3D shape matters
  • Bind to signals
  • Cause cellular behaviors when they bind
  • Cellular behaviors do not occur in presence of signal if receptor is absent
  • Receptors are proteins
  • Signals

  • Move randomly, cannot “find” the receptor
  • Only bind to receptors they match shapes with
  • Signals can be proteins
  • Cells

  • Cannot locate the bacterium unless signal and receptors function
  • Will move in the wrong direction if a signal binds a receptor on the wrong side
  • The wrong receptor will not work: if cell is missing a receptor, the cell is missing a function
  • Research on Immune Defense in on going. Would you like to help? Contact us at Molecular Jig Games.

    Video of Immune Defense

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    Real Time Strategy getting hectic.  Three different kinds of bacteria are in the wound, how will you catch them all in time? Zoomed out, we can see a large area we are responsible for. Zoomed in, we can see the state of our cells.  Select cells to change their receptors, click on bacteria to see how to catch them. The database provides game play tips and neat, real life pictures. Play now!  Go to [Molecular Jig Games!](


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    Player Reviews


    August 12, 2019



    the game is not bad, I saw it for the first time on and became interested

    Fun rating: 4 out of 5

    Learning rating: 4 out of 5

    Science rating: 4 out of 5


    12 / 15

    This review has 0 comments.

    Education and fun

    January 4, 2019



    I really enjoyed how I can attack other cells. I enjoyed how you can buy other cells and upgrade them. I also enjoyed how the white cells work together with the other white cells as teamwork. I wouldn't change anything about this game, because I like the game the way it is, and it is very helpful ,and educational when it comes to biology, physics, and all sciences. I would tell my fellow peers, and classmates, and my teachers that you should definitely play this game, because it is not just for fun it helps you learn, and work through strategies, and I recommend that teachers should use this website for special games like immune defense when it comes to science. I believe that immune defense is one of the best strategy games I ever played. It's a well done made game.

    Fun rating: 5 out of 5

    Learning rating: 5 out of 5

    Science rating: 5 out of 5


    15 / 15

    This review has 0 comments.

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