Cell HD: emergence
Deals with cells // chemistry // disease // molecular science
  "buckyfiber" construction // membranes // T-cells // anitbodies // infections // germs
Intended for middle school // high school
Available on Windows
Cost paid // free demo
Developed by New Life Interactive, LLC (external)
Website at http://www.newlifeinteractive.com/games/cell (external)
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Cell HD: emergence

Primarily for entertainment: This game is not intended to teach, but rather to simply raise awareness and interest in a scientific concept.

The biochemistry of the human body is the subject of this action surgery game from New Life Interactive. A deep simulation, made from nearly a million "dynamic voxels," enables membranes, infections, germs, T-cells, antibodies, and some ill-meaning nanotechnology to come alive to a degree not possible with previous graphical technologies.

Though the sim does not accurately model molecular interactions, it captures the speed and teeming complexity of life. Expect to be startled and even overwhelmed by tens of thousands of independent actors (voxels) reacting to you and the environment . . . at 13 iterations per second.

In Cell, as a microscopic nanite, you battle an unidentified disease inside a young girl, shooting deadly colloids and monofilament clouds, building defenses, pathways, and supercharged weapons, and deciphering sinister enemy nanotech. Tactics, strategy, then awareness drive you to save your patient, your host... your new home?

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